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February 6, 2016

Living and Eating in America is Tricky.

It's all very tricky trying to heal unusual symptoms, getting enough micro-nutrition, then warding off new issues.  Health isn't working well for people any longer, no matter how young you are.  Chronic inflammatory disorders and food allergies are hitting people younger and younger, now in their early 20's.  Doctors are unfamiliar with the microbiome that makes up our immunity and so, a lot of times, they are unfamiliar with what can be done to help.

Most people in America, unless they are on raw food diets, have a form of Leaky Gut or IBS. That's a fact. Your symptoms will come and go, periodically, without you having a full blown diagnosis. This is usually based on what you've been indulging in.  By the time you are diagnosed by your doctor, your anti-bodies are SO high there's not much your doctor can do for you except say you have metabolic syndrome or an auto-immune disorder, and then put you on a pharmaceutical. The drug, usually...

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January 15, 2016

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